Valerie Theater, Inverness, Florida.

November 2017. Solo exhibition.

‚ÄčBodies of Water

Artist Statement

Florida's waterways are at risk. The issues originate and extend beyond borders onto ecosystems dangerously out of balance. With this project I join artists, activists and organizations in a plea for more dynamic citizen engagement for restoring our waterways commons. 

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection being an environmental citizen means acknowledging membership in the biggest of all communities: the community of all living things. It means recognizing that we each make decisions every day that reflect our responsibilities toward other members of the biosphere: present and future. 

This traveling exhibition is supported by grants from the Puffin Foundation, the Citrus County Historical Society, and the College of Central Florida Foundation and community partnership with Franklin Anderson Gallery of Arts. It is a unique fine art documentary utilizing the historic collodion wet-plate process as a medium for water activism. Images are created using a large format view camera. The collodion glass negatives, ambrotypes, require processing immediately upon image capture and for that purpose I use a portable field darkroom inside my car.